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This community is for 100 or 1000 word entries only... The first 100 or the first 1000 words of your writing. This community is designed to help writers with that all so important opening of your work.

If you plan on posting 1000 words - USE the LJ cut tag after the first 100 words or so. <lj-cut> ... </lj-cut> Read about it in the LJ FAQ.

Please edit your own work before posting it here.

PLEASE read the three posts in this community, as it will outline some of the most important concepts.
Check the ones entitled:
Welcome to the community: An introduction
Your 1st 100 words
Your 1st 1000 words
Editing Tips


This only will deal with your first 100 or 1000 words... or a little less. Please understand that many people do not have the time to read/critique more than this, so try and respect this criteria.

It is said that the first 100 of any piece of writing will make or break your work, as will the first 1000 words. The idea of this community to to help others get that punch - to create the best beginning of your work.

This community is designed for people who might be writing novels, novellas or longer "short stories". If you are serious about your work, and want to help other writers - this is the place.

So if you post more than 1000 words... IT WILL Be REMOVED. I will not be crazy about this - if you go a few words over, 10 or 15, 20... that is ok. More than that - and consider it nuked. If people want to read further, then let them contact you - or put up a link to someplace outside the community.

This is also NOT the place to put up advertisements about your work/projects/products for sale.


It has been years since I did any serious editing. I am not a writing Goddess, and I don't know everything. Take the suggestions in the first 3 posts or don't - it is up to you. These are suggestions! If you have some to add, let me know, and we can make another post about it.


Don't rip apart other people's babies. Don't destroy another person's work. BE KIND, but don't bother to say: wow! this is the best opening on the planet if you don't mean it. IF you start flaming and I get complaints, I will address the issue.

And remember - if someone says they don't like your work - try and find out what they would suggest to make it better. This community is designed to be helpful. If you feel someone is being mean or spiteful - drop me an email.

The idea of this community is to help each other, and benefit from another person's suggestions.


I have started two communities, onehundredwords and discuss_writing

If you have questions/suggestions about these communites, just drop a note in my LJ - zero_gravity