aaron g (agsaunders) wrote in the1st100words,
aaron g

1st 100

Hi. I'm new as well. I just joined and never really did this sort of thing before. I don't really know where to go beyond here, and that's quite common in my writing. I have no knowledge of it beyond the 1st 1000-2500 words. That's a bit excessive for this place, but I am in the process of beginning anew. One paragraph long. Oh and if you notice the date, I'm pretty sure that you can easily guess at what it's about. Anyways, I know it's not much, but feedback is more than welcomed.

Novermber 22, 1963

The day began unlike any so far in her very young and naïve life. And it began loudly to say the least about it. Of course, “loud,” is simply an understatement at best out of a lack of a better term since there was just so much more to it. Beyond the unforgettable noise, there was also the company of emotions like nausea, paranoia, of being crowded and frenzied, anger, and a prevailing sadness that would triumph well into the morrow.
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