Annwyn (annwyn_81) wrote in the1st100words,

New Member and Poem


This is my first post, so I guess I should introduce myself... I'm 25, an English literature student, and a visual/graphic artist who loves to write. :) I mostly write fiction, and I have been working on several projects, but I'd like some feedback on a particular poem that I've been working... This is my first "real" attempt at poetry, so be gentle, but feel free to offer any kind of constructive criticism.



Beneath the amber curtain, golden lights showcase
Actors standing still as marble gods;
Blue-veined and glass-eyed, their petrified lips

Echo silent monodies. Their fossilized limbs are shattered and
strewn about the stage, suspended in a perpetual balancing act.
The blind audience never glimses this motionless dance,

Until violet light seeps through the amber fissures like
Flames, quickening their arms and legs with unseen
Fire, molding them into lithe and pliable amethyst bits.

And the green surge of applause coils itself
Around the stage; whitewashed words
Shining their routine homage to unspoken monologues.
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